14 LMHA April

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Thanks for your patience with me and my photos. As many of you know, this was the first horse show I've ever even attended; it was both a dizzying learning experience and a huge experiment.

I'm still not sure how these shows will fit into my routine moving forward. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with some terrific people. But, as a non-horse guy, the competition/judging aspect can't hold my interest enough to overcome the hurdles it presents, both in terms of poor photographic conditions and from an organizational/logistical perspective. The opportunities for brilliant candid photos, however, does interest me greatly. I can definitely see myself coming back to focus more on that. Use the "contact us" link above to let me know if you're interested in where I'm going with this. I'll try to keep you posted, and will remain open to requests for specific photos in the future.

There's not much organization here, so please let me know if you're having trouble finding your way around. All photos will, of course, be cropped and edited for color and exposure prior to delivery. Thanks!

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